Accident insurance

Why is an accident insurance important?
After an accident, the insurance will cover the cost of healing and rehabilitation.
If now a disability retains after completion of medical treatment, it can provide an entirely new challenge everyday.
A staircase that you can no longer climb, the stove the one can no longer operate, the high cabinet that is no longer accessible.
You maybe are no more able to drive a car and the employer terminates your employment relationship.
In this first phase of realignment many things are changed.
In most cases, the expenses (bridging of unemployment, reconstruction of the house, pay for home help, etc.) may be very high.
This is money an accident insurance makes available.

The accident insurance pays if after an accident remains permanent impairment of the body or the mind.

A normal, private accident insurance can refuse performance when it comes to accidents on the racetrack.
Therefore we recommend explicitly taking out insurance, Motorsport risk included ("achieving maximum Speed").

With us you can, for each event, conclude one day accident insurance which includes such risks.
The insurance costs 20, - Euro per day and includes a maximum disability benefit of 100.000, - Euro (at 100% disability), the deductible is 25%. This means that the insurance pays only from a disability of 25%. In addition, a death benefit in the amount of 10.000, - Euro is insured too.

How can I insure myself?

You can easily subscribe to the accident insurance with your racetrack order. Your order confirmation will contain then the information that the insurance was taken out for you.

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